Boyracer opts for ‘stability’

Boyracer Travis Kirk Barron has distanced himself from his anti-social associates as he begins a 10-month home detention term and begins to pay $1541 for the damage and losses he caused.

The home detention term also includes three months for the $10,845 in fines that remained unpaid for the 18-year-old’s driving offending.

A year ago, after being charged with doing burn-outs and posting the videos on Facebook, and doing a car-chase after a petrol theft drive-off, he was telling police that he was not sorry in the slightest about his driving and would flee again.

He also said he did not care how long he was disqualified for, and he would continue to drive as it was his right as a car owner.

Christchurch District Court Judge Tom Gilbert today disqualified him for six months, and added an additional mandatory six months for failing to stop for the police. The judge took account of Barron having been on a bail condition that forbid him from driving for the last nine months.

Defence counsel Anselm Williams said the teenager had been under a curfew since his arrest, and had spent one night in custody. He had stayed out of trouble while on bail, complied with the curfew and was living with his father.

“All these things have seen a big shift in what was a pretty disjointed and disorganised life up until that time,” Mr Williams said. He was benefitting from stability in his life.

It was accepted that a “meaningful” term of home detention would have to be added, in place of the $10,845 in fines.

Barron pleaded guilty last year to 20 charges including driving charges, arson, intentional damage, four thefts including three petrol drive-offs, making a false statement to the police, two of dishonestly using a document, and failing to come to court when on bail. Several of the offences happened while he was on bail.

Police cited the videos posted on Facebook when they told the court about his two charges of driving with a sustained loss of traction.

The first burn-out happened on Harper Avenue, Christchurch, at 1.10am on November 20, 2017, when an associate in the passenger seat used Barron’s cellphone to record the driving antics.

Barron accelerated heavily while the brakes were on, causing the rear wheels to spin. He performed two doughnuts before fishtailing. The burn-out lasted 19 seconds and caused a large cloud of smoke.

On December 29, 2017, he was suspended from driving for three months for excessive demerit points.

At 8.25pm on January 31, 2018, he recorded himself on his cellphone in Hasketts Road, Christchurch, spinning the wheels and performing another fishtail.

“The burn-out lasted for 26 seconds and caused long black marks to be left on the road and a large cloud of smoke,” said the police.

Judge Gilbert said he had received a positive pre-sentence about Barron. It said he had now distanced himself from his former anti-social associates, and seemed to be “on the straight and narrow”.

He ordered reparation totalling $1541 for petrol drive-offs, for damage caused when clothes were set alight in the boot of a car that Barron and his associates broke into, and for damage to a lift operations hut at the Christchurch Adventure Park in December 2017.

Barron will work during the home detention term, but otherwise will be staying at home. “You will be able to reflect on why you don’t want to come back to this room in the future. I hope we will never see you again. I’m confident we won’t,” the judge told him.