Trial told of shooting ‘sequence’

A sequence of shots from a shotgun and .22 rifle that struck Bradley Alan Lomax – from the account by murder accused Cody Derek Martin – has been accepted as “possible” by pathologist Dr Martin Sage.

According Martin’s description given to the police, the shooting began with him shooting Lomax in the leg with a shotgun at a gravel road along the Waimakariri Riverbed near Harrs Road on September 4, 2017.

He said co-accused Kasha William Gosset then shot Lomax several times in the head with a .22 rifle, and then took the shotgun and shot him in the arm and chest.

Gosset then shot him in both eyes with the shotgun.

During cross-examination at the High Court trial by Martin’s defence counsel, Kerryn Beaton, Dr Sage said that sequence of shots in a short time was “possible”, but he added: “If he was shot first in the leg, I am surprised at how little bleeding there was from that wound.”

Gosset, 37, of Oxford, and Martin, a 31-year-old drainlayer from Mairehau, both deny the joint charges of murdering Lomax. They blame each other for Lomax’s killing.

Dr Sage said Lomax was hit by shotgun blasts to the thigh, breaking his thigh bone, his upper arm which sent pellets into his chest striking his lung and heart, and blasts to each eye socket.

In his evidence-in-chief on Monday, Dr Sage was questioned about a defence pathologist’s evidence of another .22 calibre wound to the face, with remains of the bullet near the jaw, and another bullet found in the hoodie of Lomax’s jacket. He said it was possible this was another round that had struck Lomax and then been dislodged by the shotgun blast.

Today, Miss Beaton asked him about a scientist’s report of a .22 round with traces of blood and tissue found close to the body.

Dr Sage acknowledged it was possible that Lomax had been struck with at least two .22 rounds and possibly more.

The Crown is calling evidence from 37 witnesses in the trial, which is in its second week before Justice Cameron Mander and a jury in the High Court at Christchurch.