Murder accused alleges killing ‘conspiracy’

Kasha William Gosset has given evidence blaming co-accused Cody Derek Martin and a woman for conspiring in the shooting murder of Bradley Alan Lomax.

The woman has name suppression in the trial before Justice Cameron Mander and a jury in the High Court at Christchurch.

Gosset gave evidence in his own defence on the eighth day of the trial, including an allegation under cross-examination that the woman had “put Martin up to killing Lomax”.

The defence counsel for Martin, Kerryn Beaton, then asked; “Are you saying that (the woman) and Cody Martin have conspired to kill Mr Lomax?”

Gosset replied: “One hundred percent.”

Miss Beaton: “I suggest that you have just made that up in the witness box right this moment.”

Gosset replied: “That’s not true.”

Miss Beaton suggested he had made it up because the allegation had not been put to the woman when she gave evidence at the trial.

During the cross-examination, Gosset called the woman a nasty name and commented on Miss Beaton’s ability as a lawyer. She continued with the questioning.

In evidence, Gosset said he knew nothing about what was going to happen to Lomax when the three men drove out to a remote stretch of Waimakariri Riverbed, near Kaiapoi, on September 4, 2017.

He told the eighth day of the trial in the High Court at Christchurch before Justice Cameron Mander and a jury that if he knew what Martin planned, “There is no way I would have allowed it to happen.”

He said Martin told him afterwards that he had killed Lomax because of his violence towards the woman who had been seen with bruises.

He also told the trial: “He knew that Lomax had a contract on his head and Cody wanted to collect it. He said if I told anyone I would be next. At the time, he had a pretty big team behind him.”

Gosset, 37, of Oxford, and Martin, a 31-year-old drainlayer from Mairehau, both deny the joint charge of murdering Lomax. They blamed each other for firing the fatal shots in their police interviews.

Lomax was found dead in the riverbed after being shot several times with a shotgun and a cut-down .22 rifle.

Gosset said that on the day of the killing, he had been driving Martin around while he collected money from people. He was extremely high on methamphetamine himself.

He said Martin arranged for them to pick up Lomax at the Bromley cemetery and they drove to the Waimakariri to collect money from someone and smoke some meth. There had been no previous discussion about what was happening. He had not known they were picking up Lomax.

When they stopped at the river, Lomax got out of the car and then Martin got out and shot him with the shotgun which he had taken there in a bag between his legs.

He said Martin then put the shotgun down and shot Lomax several times with the .22 cut-down rifle he pulled out of his jacket. He got closer and closer to where Lomax was lying as he fired. He then reloaded the shotgun and shot Lomax twice in the head.

Gosset said conversation described in evidence by a woman who said he confessed to the killing had not happened. He had kept taking a lot of methamphetamine every day after the shooting.

“It was the most hideous thing I have ever seen in my life and I felt horrible,” he said.

On the day of his arrest, almost a week after the shooting, he had taken a gram of methamphetamine, and he hadn’t had any sleep the night before. He had been “drugged out” at the time he give a video-interview to the police. “I can’t believe the police think that interview is useable in this setting,” he said.

“I most certainly never shot Bradley Lomax,” Gosset told the jury.

Counsel for Martin, Miss Beaton, suggested to Gosset that almost all of what he had said in evidence was lies.

He accepted that he had made comments to associates that he disliked people who sold cut methamphetamine, and thought they were “scum”. Police had recorded calls of him making these kind of comments.

He denied believing that Lomax was one of these people. He told police in his interview that he did not believe Lomax had enough meth to cut. He said Lomax owed him a drug debt of about $6000.

The trial is continuing and is expected to finish next week.