Murder accused blames ‘gangsta-rap’ for recorded threats

Murder accused Kasha William Gosset blames listening to too much gangsta-rap for the threats to kill that he has been recorded making.

Gosset was being cross-examined on the ninth day of the murder trial in the High Court at Christchurch by defence counsel Kerryn Beaton who acts for the co-accused Cody Derek Martin, 31.

She asked: “Would you agree that threatening to kill people is something you used to say quite a lot?”

Gosset, 37, replied that he knew from an earlier exchange that there were police recordings of a lot of intercepted conversations in which he said “a lot of foolish things”.

He said he had been listening to a lot of gangsta-rap which often had lyrics about killing people.

“It’s fiction, not fact, like your case, Miss Beaton,” he said.

Asked again about his recorded conversations threatening to kill people, he said, “There’s no meaning behind it.”

The pair deny charges of murdering Bradley Alan Lomax who was shot to death at the Waimakariri Riverbank near Kaiapoi on September 4, 2017. They say they were present but blame each other for the murder.

The killing occurred on a day when the pair had been driving around collecting drug debts and sharing methamphetamine.

Gosset denied Martin’s account of shooting Lomax in the leg with a shotgun, and then Gosset shooting him in the head with a .22 cut-down rifle and then taking the shotgun and shooting Lomax in the arm and head.

“That’s definitely not true,” he said.

Gosset said he had been high on methamphetamine when he gave his video-interview with the police and the recording should have been ruled inadmissable as evidence.

He repeated that he had no knowledge that the murder was going to happen.

The trial before Justice Cameron Mander and a jury will continue into next week.