Three remands over mosque shooting video

Three more men have been remanded on charges of possessing or distributing the live-streamed video of the murders at the Deans Avenue mosque.

One man also faced a charge of inciting violence by behaving in a threatening manner at the ARA Institute, when they appeared in court today.

All three men appeared at a special sitting of the Christchurch District Court before Judge Stephen O’Driscoll who has handled several similar prosecutions over the last 11 days.

Restrictions apply to reporting the details of bail hearings, but Judge O’Driscoll allowed publication of the police indication that all the objectionable publications prosecutions relating to the live-streamed video would be handed on to the Crown.

The 18-year-old charged with inciting violence with threatening behaviour, and possession of the video, was remanded in custody until Friday when Judge O’Driscoll will decide on his application for bail. His name was suppressed for the remand.

A 17-year-old youth charged with distributing the live stream online was granted bail when the police did not oppose his release. Judge O’Driscoll remanded him on bail to April 15, with strict conditions.

He is curfewed at home until 7am on Monday, and after that will have a nightly curfew.

From Monday onwards, he is not allowed to go within 500m of any school, government building, church, mosque, or place of worship, or within 2km of Hagley Park. He is also not allowed to possess or use a cellphone, nor access the internet.

At the request of defence counsel Anselm Williams, the judge granted interim name suppression until his next appearance.

A 21-year-old was granted interim name suppression and refused bail on a charge of distribution of the video. He entered no plea and was remanded to April 15 for an appearance by video-link.