Teenager denies mosque video charge

An 18-year-old’s custody remand over charges alleging re-posting live-streaming of the mosque shootings and material “inciting extreme violence” may be reconsidered on Monday.

The man, who has been in custody since his arrest soon after the March 15 terrorist incident, has pleaded not guilty and elected trial by jury on the two charges he faces in the Christchurch District Court.

Judge Stephen O’Driscoll remanded him for a Crown case review hearing on July 31, but also remanded him in custody for a video-link appearance on Monday where his bail status will be considered again.

He asked Crown prosecutor Pip Currie to provide a memorandum to the court ahead of the Monday hearing if the police no longer opposed bail and to set out any bail conditions they wanted the court to impose.

The judge allowed the man’s interim name suppression to continue until Monday’s hearing.

One charge is dated March 15, the day of the shooting. It alleges an offence under the Films, Videos, and Publications Classifications Act by distributing an objectionable publication –  a live stream of the murder of multiple victims at the Deans Avenue Mosque.

The other charge alleges an offence between March 8 and March 15, under the same Act, by making an objectionable publication showing a photograph of the mosque in Deans Avenue with the message “Target Acquired” and further chat messaging around inciting extreme violence.