Bail granted on armed burglary charge

Bail has been granted to a 20-year-old facing an armed burglary charge over a Phillipstown incident that may have led to a co-offender being admitted to hospital.

Fairmont Joseph Wiringi was granted bail by Judge Bridget Mackintosh in the Christchurch District Court, and remanded to appear again on May 6.

No plea was entered to the charge that he offended jointly with another man to burgle a house in Olliviers Road while armed with an imitation pistol and a sword.

Police told the judge that the alleged co-offender had not been arrested and may be in hospital.

Defence counsel Steve Hembrow applied for bail for Wiringi for the remand, and Judge Mackintosh decided it could be granted on strict conditions.

Wiringi will have to live at a specified address in Redwood under a 24-hour-a-day curfew, and not possess or consume alcohol, non-prescribed drugs, or firearms.

Police said three people had been involved in the aggravated burglary at Phillipstown. One offender allegedly went inside with a gun, but no shots were fired. A 20-year-old man was taken to hospital with serious injuries.