Home detention, reparation ordered for toilet videos

A 38-year-old man was granted home detention on 14 charges of making recordings of men urinating, downloading the recordings onto his computer, and making notes on them.

In the Christchurch District Court, Bryan Gibbs Eder was sentenced to five months’ home detention, and to pay reparation of $250 each to his four victims.

Defence counsel Lee Lee Heah said Eder was a first offender, and he was sorry for what he did, and the harm he had inflicted on his victims.

Judge John Macdonald said Eder had numerous electronic folders set-up with victims’ names, and whether or not they were circumcised.

The folders contained 14 videos of the victims entering the toilet and urinating between November 2016 and January 2018.

He said it was an extreme invasion of their privacy, but Eder’s pre-sentence report said he expressed remorse for his offending.

He sentenced Eder on 14 charges of intentionally making intimate visual recordings of another person, and ordered the destruction of the hard-drive.

Police said Eder bought a number of small black covert cameras resembling a key fob, which stored the images and videos on to an SD card.

He fastened the camera to the underside of the toilet cistern, and replaced the cameras throughout the day.

He took the cameras home with him, and uploaded the footage to a personal hard drive.

The victims’ faces were not visible in the footage, but he was able to identify them by the clothing they were wearing.