Boy racer admits inciting violence during Aves Invasion

A 23-year-old with a megaphone yelled instructions to boy racers to “Stand your ground”, and “Don’t back down” when police were trying to clear them from a Christchurch street during the Aves Invasion event at Easter.

Joshua Allan White pleaded guilty to one charge of inciting violence, and one of possession of cannabis, in the Christchurch District Court.

Police said the “Aves Invasion 3.0” was planned by members of the boy racer scene for Easter weekend.

In the early hours of Sunday April 21 there was a large gathering of boy racers at the intersection of Maces Road and Ruru Road, Christchurch.

Police estimated about 200 people were there when they told the crowd that the gathering was an unlawful assembly and they had to leave the area.

White’s yelled instructions with the megaphone caused the crowd to become more excited, and they began yelling abuse at the police.

He was arrested a short time later, and when he was searched, he had a small plastic container of cannabis plant on him.

Community Magistrate Sally O’Brien remanded White on bail, with a curfew, until his sentencing on June 24. She asked for a pre-sentence report and a home detention report to be prepared for the appearance.

Police said “boy racer” was a common  term used for a motorist of any gender, who drove a vehicle that had been modified with aftermarket body kits, audio system, and exhaust system, usually in an unlawful manner.

“They often engage in anti-social behaviour and illegal street racing,” said the police. “Previous Aves Invasion events have resulted in damage to police vehicles, numerous traffic offences, and behaviour that endangered members of the public.”