Big insurance losses after holiday home clean-outs

Insurance companies will be about $35,000 out of pocket after the holiday home clean-out spree by two women – both mothers – who have now been jailed.

Christchurch District Court Judge Jane Farish ordered them to pay reparation to the owners of the properties they raided which will cover their insurance excesses.

But there was no chance of them paying for the insurance losses. “Unfortunately, the insurance companies will have to suffer the loss,” said the judge.

Thirty-six-year-old Terangimarie O-Te-Arohuni Jury admitted five charges of receiving stolen property, and two of burglary. She also admitted assault that involved biting a police officer who arrested her at the scene of her final burglary in Sumner.

She also admitted theft of a bag from young woman with children, while she was allowed to go to a mall for shopping while on electronically monitored bail.

Defence counsel Lee Lee Heah had asked the judge to reduce her sentence more than the usual because she was a mother with young children, who would have to go to Auckland to live with family members if she was jailed. A lower sentence might have allowed home detention.

However, Judge Farish said Jury could not expect to avoid the consequences of her offending because she was a mother.

Samadhi Kalita Lucas, 31, has already been in custody for a long period on remand. She has admitted five charges of receiving and two burglaries, two shoplifting charges, careless driving, and driving under the influence of methamphetamine and another drug.

Her defence counsel, David Stringer, said Lucas was now more grounded and she hoped that the sentence would be close to the time she had already served in custody. She wished to get on with her life.

The pair had been involved – the judge said they had been “close to the action” – in cleaning property out of holiday rental properties which had been booked online using stolen credit cards.

There had been a lot of publicity about the case because it had it had caused so much loss and caused home owners so much trouble.

She jailed Lucas for two years six months and ordered reparations of $1463. She told her the rehabilitation prospects were looking positive with the family support she had.

She jailed Jury for two years three months and ordered reparations of $3175.