Police allege eight-day offending spree

A 24-year-old facing 16 charges which allegedly occurred over eight days was remanded in custody until next week.

Steven Jeffery Charles Walshe, a roofer, was charged with three failing to stop for police offences, unlicenced driving, possession of an offensive weapon, resisting police, reckless driving causing injury, four thefts, two driving in a dangerous manner charges, careless driving, receiving stolen property, and unlawfully taking a car.

The alleged offending started with him stealing petrol in Timaru on May 16, more petrol in Washdyke on May 18, and a third charge from Ashburton on May 19.

Also on May 19 he is charged with dangerous driving on State Highway 1, and failing to stop for police.

On May 20 he allegedly unlawfully took a car, drove dangerously on Ensors Road in Christchurch, carelessly drove a car on Munro Street, and failed to stop for police.

Police say that on May 22 he stole petrol from Z Energy in Curletts Road, and the next day his charges are unlicenced driving, receiving stolen car registration plates, possession of a knife, failing to stop for police, resisting police, and operating the car recklessly causing an injury to a man.

Christchurch District Court Judge Tom Gilbert remanded Walshe in custody until a possible bail application on May 28.