Assault left man with brain injury

Two men have admitted a serious assault including stomping on the head, which left a man with a brain injury.

Panapa Nilson, 24, and Jedrick Andrew Tavatele Tevaga, 20, pleaded guilty to intentionally injuring the man in the Christchurch District Court.

The Crown said the victim walked out in front of the car the two men were in and started to shout at them as the incident began near the Hornby Mall about midnight on September 22.

Nilson drove off, narrowly avoiding the victim, then parked in the Dressmart Shopping Mall carpark.

The two men walked back to the victim and a fight between the three of them started. The fight moved onto Shands Road near the median strip when the victim was punched to the ground and Nilson and Tevaga punched, kicked, and stomped on his face and head, even when he was already unconscious.

Another fight broke out between two women, one of them a passenger of Nilson’s. Nilson hit the other woman, pushed her to the ground, punched her in the face, and tried to stomp on her head. He also pleaded guilty to a charge of assaulting a female.

The male victim was admitted to hospital and placed in intensive care in a critical but stable condition. He was discharged five days later with a moderate traumatic brain injury.

Nilson told police that he went to check the victim was okay as he thought he may have hit him with his car, but the victim punched him in the chest and the fight started.

Tevaga denied kicking or stomping the victim, but admitted punching him four or five times.

Judge Stephen O’Driscoll remanded the two men on bail for sentencing on September 4.