Offensive behaviour towards mosque families alleged

A 33-year-old man charged with confronting some of the victims and families of people who were at the Christchurch Court House for the appearance of the alleged Mosque attacker has been released on bail.

Rodrick Wayne Woods was charged with behaving in an offensive manner and was granted bail to appear again on June 28.

Police alleged he said something offensive to the people who were giving a television interview outside the court house in Lichfield Street.

Judge Tom Gilbert granted bail but imposed conditions that he is not allowed within 500m of the Christchurch District Court when the alleged shooter Brenton Harrison Tarrant appears by AVL in the High Court on August 16, and not being within 50m of the mosques in Linwood and Dean’s Avenue.

Woods told Judge Tom Gilbert that he bikes past the mosque in Dean’s Avenue to get to and from work, but the judge said he was to take a different route.