Car reached 140kmh during city chase

A 31-year-old man reached 140km an hour as he drove through a residential area in South Christchurch after a police patrol tried to stop him using its flashing lights and siren.

Police said the car they were chasing reached about 140km an hour in the 50km an hour area on Somerfield Street.

After Gerald John Neal turned into Barrington Street he switched his headlights off as he drove at 100km an hour, before going the wrong way around a round-about.

Police abandoned the chase because of the danger, but they then found Neal parked on Shalamar Drive with his headlights off.

As they approached the car, he took off again travelling fast on Cashmere Road where he drove over road spikes.

He drove at 120km an hour through a 30km an hour roadwork zone on Hendersons Road, and turned into Halswell Road where he had to stop because his front tyre came off the rim.

When police searched the car, they found a double-edge dagger on the shelf behind the front passenger seat, within reach of the driver.

The incident had begun about 10.50pm on May 7, when police tried to stop Neal in Sydenham.

He told police he didn’t have any reason for failing to stop, but at the Christchurch District Court today he pleaded guilty to two charges of dangerous driving, two charges of failing to stop, possessing an offensive weapon, disqualified driving, and careless driving.

Judge David Cameron remanded him on bail for sentencing on October 2 and asked for a pre-sentence report that will cover his suitability for a home or community detention sentence.