Second winery director admits charges

A second director of Southern Boundary Wines at Waipara has admitted fraud charges relating to tens of thousands of litres of the wine it sold and exported.

Andrew Ronald Moore, 45, pleaded guilty to 16 charges in the High Court at Christchurch today, about two weeks ahead of his scheduled trial.

Justice David Gendall remanded him on continued bail for sentencing on September 6, with a pre-sentence report that will assess his suitability for home or community detention.

The sentencing date is the same as for Scott Charles Berry, 38, another director of the North Canterbury winery who pleaded guilty to 36 charges last week.

One other person, Rebecca Junell Cope, 44, of Waipara, has been charged and is still due to stand trial on July 22.

After Moore’s guilty pleas, Crown prosecutor Sean Mallett said no evidence would be offered on another 54 charges against him and Justice Gendall dismissed them.

Moore has admitted four charges of selling and eight charges of exporting non-compliant wine. He also admits two charges of dishonest labelling, and charges of making a false application for export eligibility, and a false application for a certificate of export.

One charge refers to the sale of 20,700 litres of non-compliant wine, and another refers to the export of 10,881 litres in 1209 cases that was not traceable back to the source vineyards. One charge dating back to 2012 to 2014 refers to 50,664 litres that did not comply with export eligibility requirements being exported in 38 lots.

Another charge refers to exporting non-compliant sauvignon blanc totalling 48,440 litres to eight countries in 2013 and 2014.

Several of the charges are representative charges, indicating offending on more than one occasion.

Southern Boundary provided wine to a range of labels.

Four convictions have not yet been entered because they involve Moore’s activities as director, and depend on convictions also being entered against the company.