Bail granted on chase-related charge

A judge has let Marcel Sydney Geros out on bail after hearing that he was in the process of handing back his Black Power gang patch when a car chase incident developed in New Brighton last week.

But Christchurch District Court Judge Raoul Neave warned Geros that there would be “no more chances” for him to comply with the conditions that had been imposed on him.

He also banned him from all associations with Black power gang members and told Geros: “If they turn up, ring the police.”

He said Geros – who had written the judge a letter ahead of the hearing – had been complying with an earlier condition imposed on him when the incident began.

Geros has been charged with unlawfully getting into a car but defence counsel April Kelland today indicated he would defend the charge and he was remanded on bail to a case review hearing on October 14.

Geros was arrested as a passenger in a car after a police pursuit in New Brighton on Tuesday last week.

One of those in the car avoided arrest at that time, and when a van nearby was stolen and pursued soon afterwards, it struck and killed a pedestrian. Police have been hunting for Black Power member Liam Strickland, 21, since that fatal hit-and-run incident.

Mrs Kelland told the court that Geros had been returning his patch to Black Power gang members at the time the incident began. Judge Neave noted that dissociating himself from the gang had been part of an earlier condition imposed on him.

Reporting of bail hearings is seriously restricted under the Bail Act, but Judge Neave agree to allow reporters in court to report the returning of the gang patch by Geros.