Murder trial delayed by appeal

The September trial of three people charged with the murder of Pierclaudio Raviola has been delayed for two months while the Court of Appeal deals with a pre-trial issue.

The trial of Cyle Robert Jetson, 22, Debra Jean Tihema, 41, and a teenager who has name suppression, had been due to start in the High Court at Christchurch on September 2.

However, an appeal has been filed by defence counsel Ruth Buddicom over a pre-trial ruling concerning the teenager.

It is hoped that the Court of Appeal can hear the appeal in October, and the High Court is considering whether a date in early November can be arranged for the trial to go ahead.

Sixty-five-year-old Mr Raviola was allegedly killed in an attack at a Bromley house in March 2017. He was left badly injured in a carpark at Sumner and later died in hospital.

Jetson remains on electronically monitored bail, but Tihema and the teenager are in custody.