Paintball assaults and damage across Christchurch

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© Nado24

Christchurch Police are appealing for public help to identify anyone who may have been the target of a paintball or airgun pellet attack on Friday night and Saturday morning.
It is believed occupants of a black sedan motorvehicle were discharging air pellets or paintballs at random members of the public, parked vehicles, bus shelters, shop windows and various signs and billboards around Christchurch.

Constable Miriam Erber said: “The vehicle travelled extensively throughout Christchurch and an occupant shot at people not known to them and random targets. A cyclist on Riccarton Road was struck by a paintball round and three pedestrians were shot at in the Riccarton and the Lincoln Road areas.”

She is hoping these people will contact the police as soon as possible.

Seven bus-shelters have been damaged around the Riccarton-Lincoln Rd-Ferry Road area but police suspect there will be more city-wide.

Police are seeking witnesses to this damage and any other incidents around Christchurch involving the black sedan and an airgun or paintball gun.

Please contact Constable Miriam Erber on 021-191-1365 or by e-mail:

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