Home detention for meth courier

police-carA 50-year-old methamphetamine courier caught returning from Wellington admitted possession of the drug for supply and was sentenced to home detention in the Christchurch District Court today.

Public Defence Service lawyer for Garth Roger Davies, Kerryn Beaton, said Davies was a high functioning addict for many years, and relapsed by taking the drug after being attacked and suffering serious injury to his hand and wrist.

She said he had an appropriate home detention address in Wellington, and was not working because of his injury. He was committed to a rehabilitation programme.

Judge Jane Farish said it was relatively serious offending. Davies was under observation by the police on a return trip from Wellington and when they took him to the police station he removed 13.4g of methamphetamine from his trousers.

She said he was personally using the drug more often, and got into debt, so acted as a courier for a larger organisation to pay for it.

Davies had minor previous convictions and had attended a rehabilitation programme.

Judge Farish told Davies that it would take a lot of work and rehabilitation to stop taking the drug, but if he didn’t stop he would find himself in jail.

She said he had a positive pre-sentence report, and wanted treatment and rehabilitation. She asked for judicial monitoring to keep track of his progress, and so that Davies could undertake a drug treatment programme to be completed as soon as possible.

She sentenced him to nine months home detention, and said he was not to possess or consume alcohol or drugs.

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