Seven-year six-month jail term for rape, violation

Joshua Allan SchoonerA 26-year-old found guilty by a jury of rape and three charges violation by unlawful sexual connection was sentenced to prison for seven years six months in the Christchurch District Court.

Joshua Allan Schooner did not accept the jury’s verdict, Judge Raoul Neave said.

Crown prosecutor Deirdre Elsmore said Schooner’s victim was vulnerable, and the offending took place over a long time.

Judge Neave said Schooner met the woman as she was leaving a tavern, where she had problems with her car and the police would not let her drive off in the early hours of the morning.

Schooner offered to assist her, and walked with her to where he was sharing accommodation with his uncle.

After having some drinks and talking, the uncle went to bed, and Schooner’s personality changed, the jury was told at his trial. He dragged the woman upstairs, raped her, and violated her, then fell asleep.

The woman escaped with moderate physical injuries, but dramatic psychological consequences, Judge Neave said.

The Crown asked for an adjournment for health assessor’s reports to assess Schooner for an open-ended sentence of preventive detention but Judge Neave declined their application.

He said the attack was unplanned, but was violent and did significant harm, and included several acts of degradation to the victim.

Schooner had been on electronically monitored bail and 24 hour curfews for a long period while waiting for his trial, Judge Neave said, and took that into account when he sentenced him to prison.

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