Prison recall being considered for convicted predator

Court House-Sept-2013-07Sentencing of convicted on-line predator Cameron Stuart Hore for a breach of parole has been put off for three weeks while the Parole Board considers his recall to prison.

Hore, 30, last week admitted the breach, admitting that soon after being released from prison on October 22, he had contacted one of his previous victims by text.

Defence counsel Craig Ruane asked for the sentencing to be delayed so that the Parole Board could hold a hearing on November 21 to consider whether Hore should be recalled to prison to serve more of the four-year one-month sentence imposed on him for 12 sex and dishonesty offences in 2012.

He said Hore also wanted to consider whether to seek leave to withdraw his guilty plea to the breach charge.

Christchurch District Court Judge Alistair Garland remanded him in custody to November 28, when the outcome of the Parole Board hearing should be known.

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