Bail bid delayed for accused ‘plum sauce burglar’

Police logo-04The man accused of being Linwood’s plum sauce burglar remains in custody after a series of glitches has prevented hearing of his bail application.

He was remanded again in the Christchurch District Court today and his application is now set for hearing on November 28, by video-link from the men’s prison where he is being held.

Dylan James Morehu, 34, has been in custody since his arrest on November 11.

He now faces three charges of burglary, two of driving while disqualified, theft of a vehicle, careless driving, theft from a car, and possession of a knife in a public place.

At a partial bail hearing on Monday, Judge Brian Callaghan noted that Morehu was on bail on charges of burglary and driving while disqualified when he was arrested for the Linwood burglary and a car crash that followed in a vehicle taken from Ashburton early in November.

When police checked the crashed car in Churchill Street, they found groceries and electronic equipment allegedly taken in the burglary, including a Jim Beam bourbon bottle – complete with label – that was actually filled with plum jam.

When he was being arrested, Morehu received a police dog bite injury that needed surgery and he agreed to be remanded in custody by consent so that he could stay at hospital for his recovery.

On Monday, he was able to be at court and Public Defence Service lawyer Kirsten Gray made a bail application for him. It could not be finalised because Judge Callaghan wanted to see court documents that were not yet available.

By today, the documents were going to be available, but Morehu had switched to another lawyer, Paul Norcross, who wanted a remand to allow more time to prepare a bail application.

He also told Judge Callaghan that Morehu was “not in a state to appear by audio-visual link” from the prison as arranged.

Judge Callaghan remanded him for a week without his appearance by video-link in the courtroom.

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