Father and son convicted after wrecking yard search

Court House-Sept-2013-06A father and son have both been convicted of receiving a stolen Toyota Hilux worth $40,000, after a police search of a car wrecking yard in Yaldhurst in August.

Three members of the Louis family were originally charged after the police visit, but the charge against the mother, Annette Mary Louis, was withdrawn before a trial began in the Christchurch District Court this week.

During the hearing, the son, 27-year-old Dean Walter Louis, pleaded guilty to the charge, and the trial then continued against the father, Mark Anthony Louis. He was found guilty at the end of the trial today.

Other receiving charges against all three were also withdrawn before the trial, which took place before a judge-alone.

The Toyota Hilux was found on the property of D L Dismantlers on Yaldhurst Road.

The man who owned the vehicle told the court that in June 2013 he parked up his drive in Glandovey Road and was standing further up the drive talking to his wife and a tradesman.

A man walked up the drive, got in the car, reversed it down the drive and sped away with their belongings in it, including his wife’s handbag. None of the items in the vehicle have been recovered.

As she gave her findings, Judge Jane Farish said that during the trial Mark Louis said his son, Dean, told him that the vehicle was nothing to do with him, and he was told to go away.

Judge Farish said Mark Louis’s evidence was unreliable, and not capable of belief. He knew something was going seriously wrong, he was evasive to the police and in court, had no consistency in his defence, and was untruthful.

There were tensions between him and his son, but he was aware of what had happened and he turned a blind eye, she said.

Mark Louis was not as culpable as his son, she said, and remanded them both on bail to July 23 for sentencing. She ordered a pre-sentence report for both men, and a reparation report.

Mark Louis told the judge after the remand for sentence: “I am just bullied in my own home by him.”

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