Jail term for Operation Nebraska drug offender

Court House-general2A father of two young children has been jailed for three years five months for drug offending that was detected during the police’s Operation Nebraska nationwide investigation.

Jamie Daniel Robinson, 27, a demolition worker, was urged by Christchurch District Court Judge David Saunders to address drug and alcohol problems during his time in prison.

The judge said it would be about 14 months before Robinson was allowed to make an application for release to the Parole Board, and that would give time for the rehabilitation programmes.

Robinson had begun by trading the class C drugs BZP – party pills – but his dealing led to him acquiring methamphetamine, said defence counsel Michael Starling. Robinson had been using both drugs himself.

Judge Saunders said it was offending of the most serious kind under the Misuse of Drugs Act. Robinson had been left on bail after his guilty pleas, so that he would be able to put his affairs in order ahead of a jail term.

“I appreciate this is a tough day for you and your family, who are here to support you,” said the judge.

He referred to the pernicious effect of methamphetamine. Some people felt it gave them a lift and energy, but others developed psychosis or very violent offending. Sometimes its use had led to homicides and there were health risks associated with its production.

Judge Saunders said it was clear that Robinson had been paying for some of the methamphetamine by production of the BZP tablets.

Robinson had pleaded guilty to several charges of supplying the class A drug methamphetamine, offering to supply the drug, producing BZP, possessing BZP for supply, and unlawful possession of a shotgun and cartridges. His offending occurred in Christchurch in September and October.

Mr Starling told an earlier hearing that the total amount of methamphetamine referred to in the charges was 86g, and 7480 BZP tablets.

Judge Saunders said the courts had always “taken a dim view” where offenders were found with both drugs and firearms. He said there were staggeringly high figures projected for the street value of the BZP, which was said to be $10 a tablet.

He reduced Robinson’s jail term to take account of his guilty pleas, and other factors.

The judge made an order for forfeiture of $1205 in cash that was found at the time of Robinson’s arrest.

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