Warrant issued over restaurant break-in

Court House-Sept-2013-05An arrest warrant has been issued for a 20-year-old man alleged to have been caught on camera damaging a shipping container restaurant in Bealey Avenue.

The man, who lives in central Christchurch, did come to the Court House today and spoke to a duty lawyer but then left the building before his case was called in court.

About midday, a court registrar issued the arrest warrant when the man was not present make an appearance.

He was arrested this week after the restaurant owner posted security camera footage of the incident on Facebook and then handed the police the video and the details he received from the on-line inquiry.

The man, a food industry worker, is charged with the burglary of the container.

The restaurant owner has said burglary involved two security cameras being destroyed, damage to gas piping, and damage to a door and stock from a flood caused by towels placed in the sink with the taps turned on. The total damage bill is about $2000.

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