Kidnap and bashing of mentally impaired woman admitted

Court House-doorwayTwo Invercargill women who kidnapped and bashed an intellectually impaired woman face sentencing together in November after admitting the charges.

The second woman, Teliesha McLaren, 19, pleaded guilty to the charges in the Christchurch District Court today and will be transferred in custody to Invercargill for the sentencing on November 13.

The first woman, aged 20, is already in custody for sentencing on that date. McLaren’s defence counsel Steve Hembrow asked for a report on her suitability for home detention to be prepared ahead of the sentencing, and Judge Geoffrey Ellis agreed.

McLaren admitted charges of intentionally injuring the victim, kidnapping, and driving without a licence. She had earlier admitted a charge of threatening to kill from a separate incident.

Police prosecutor Glenn Henderson said the two women had been drinking on July 20, when they discussed the victim, who is mentally impaired and developmentally delayed.

The other woman confronted the victim and said, “You’ve been talking about me.” She was agitated and yelling.

The women then slapped the victim in the face and head, took her cellphone off her and had an associate hide it so that she could not call the police, and took her glasses and hid them too.

When the victim tried to leave, the other woman said, “You are not going anywhere.” The bashing and unlawful detention that followed lasted between 30 and 45min.

The victim cowered on the floor while she was slapped, punched, kicked in the body and head. McLaren kicked her in the legs at least twice and punched her in the head, police said.

The victim was crying and pleading while this was happening.

The other woman stood over the victim holding a steak knife. The “petrified” victim asked if they were going to kill her, said Mr Henderson. McLaren told the other woman put the knife down and an associate took the knife off her.

The other woman then threw several glasses of water over the victim, and when she managed to run away, the other woman chased her and repeatedly slammed her head into a fence.

With the victim bleeding profusely, McLaren gave her the cellphone back. The victim went to an associate’s address and called the police.

She had numerous injuries to her head, and pain in her back. The side of her head was swollen and bruised. McLaren admitted not allowing the victim to leave, taking her cellphone, and punching her.

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