Home detention granted after shotgun blasts

Court House-general 3Home detention has been granted to a 20-year-old who fired a stolen shotgun four times at a tree in New Brighton’s Rawhiti Domain.

The sentence will put some structure in the life of Joshua Ngatiki Ngarimu who has been living what Christchurch District Court Judge Emma Smith called an “aimless existence” involving  alcohol and synthetic drugs.

Probation reported that he had been given opportunities, and had not completed the courses offered and he had little or no desire to work with Work and Income to improve his circumstances or get a job.

After six weeks in custody he now says he wants to improve his situation and his mother has offered to let him serve his term of home detention at her house in North New Brighton.

Defence counsel Moana Cole said his family had been surprised by the latest offending because he had seemed to be getting back on track, with a job, partner, and a settled address.

He admitted charges of receiving a $550 shotgun stolen from a household garage, being unlawfully in possession of the gun and firing it with reckless disregard for people’s safety.

When Ngarimu and two others left the area after complaints about the shots being fired, armed police stopped the car in Pages Road and made three arrests.

Judge Smith granted the home detention, imposing a 10-month term with another six months of post-release conditions including a condition that he not use alcohol or illicit drugs.

She said the firing of the shots in a public domain had been “more than youthful foolishness or non-thinking idiocy”.

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