Home detention for attack on sex worker

Court House-Sept-2013-07An attack on a sex worker in the early hours of May 2 led to a home detention sentence in the Christchurch District Court today.

Connor Stephen James Galloway, a 21-year-old kitchen hand, grabbed the woman by the throat and punched her in the mouth. He tried to strangle her, and told police he wanted her unconscious so he could steal her cash.

She was left bruised and grazed but did not need hospital treatment.

Judge Gary MacAskill said he was sentencing Galloway on a charge of assaulting the woman with the intention of robbing her.

Galloway was drunk at the time, and was now prepared to meet with the woman to apologise, he said.

Galloway’s psychological report said the alcohol problem he had, had led to violence against property and people in the past.

It said he expressed remorse, and knew it was highly traumatic for the victim.

Judge MacAskill said it was a serious attack on a vulnerable woman.

He sentenced Galloway to 10 months home detention, and said he was to be assessed for anger management, and alcohol and drug addiction, and to attend any rehabilitation programmes recommended. He is also to undergo recommended psychology counselling.

He also sentenced him to 120 hours community work, and to pay emotional harm reparation to the woman of $2000.




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