Man admits threatening to kill govt officials

Court House-general2A 50-year-old Upper Riccarton man has admitted threatening government officials, including putting his victim’s heads on poles, or seeing that another victim was “pumped full of bullets”.

Steven Shane Lawrence had threatened the people by email and pleaded guilty to four charges of threatening to kill or do grievous bodily harm to them at an appearance in the Christchurch District Court today.

All emails were sent over seven days this month, one man receiving the threat that he would be pumped full of bullets, and Lawrence would rejoice in his demise.

Another woman was threatened that she would burn eternally in hell and other people would spread her entrails on the streets.

Two women were threatened with having their heads on poles, one after her throat was slit.

Lawrence told police that he had very strong political ideologies and wanted to warn, not threaten, the victims about being involved in a Government that is associated with America.

The names of the people Lawrence sent the emails to were suppressed by Judge Stephen O’Driscoll today.

He remanded Lawrence on bail to March 25 for sentencing.



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