High speed chase admitted

Police car-Sept2013-02A 25-year-old man admitted reckless driving – sometimes over 100kmh in a 50kmh zone – while evading police in an 18-minute chase through Christchurch in January.

The chase finished when Ben James Te Wera Kingi got a flat tyre near Beckenham Park.

He pleaded guilty to failing to stop for police, resisting arrest, reckless driving, driving while suspended, drink-driving, possession of cannabis, and burglary, in the Christchurch District Court yesterday.

Police tried to pull over Kingi’s speeding car on Ferry Road on January 11, but he sped off through Waltham and Opawa. He went into a cul-de-sac and when trying to get out again he hit a police patrol car.

On November 5, Kingi, with four co-offenders, broke into the Four Seasons Hotel in Cashel Street and stole construction tools, which he pawned.

Judge Raoul Neave remanded Kingi on bail for sentencing on July 14, and ordered a pre-sentence report with a report to assess his suitability for a home detention sentence. He also asked for a reparation report for the tools he took and the damage to the police car.


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