Woman kicked in the face in home invasion

Court House-general 3A 44-year-old man who broke into a woman’s home and then smashed her nose with a kick to the face has been jailed for two years four months.

Christchurch District Court Judge Paul Kellar added to the jail sentence for Brendon Paul Hewes because his criminal record showed a propensity for violence.

He has previous convictions for demanding to steal, threatening to kill, assault, assault with a blunt instrument, and aggravated robbery.

Today he was facing sentencing for burglary, breach of a protection order, and intentionally injuring the woman. He had pleaded guilty.

Defence counsel Bridget Ayrey said Hewes had continued to make inquiries seeking a place in a residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation programme.

The latest incident took place on October 11 after Hewes had visited the woman at her Christchurch home, with her consent even though she had a protection order against him. Hewes became angry during the visit and she asked him to leave, which she did.

When she and her child went out to the shops that evening, Hewes returned to the house and broke in. He confronted the woman when she returned, grabbing the backpack she was wearing and asking for cigarettes and money.

He pinned her into a corner in the kitchen by grabbing her arm and her hair, while she repeatedly begged him to leave. He demanded a cellphone be returned to him.

Her son ran into the back yard and began screaming for help.

Hewes swung the woman by the backpack and when she stumbled and fell he kicked her in the face, breaking her nose. He then took cash and tobacco from the backpack and left.

The woman’s injury continued to cause her difficulties, the court was told in her victim impact statement.

Judge Kellar said it was serious offending, though Hewes seemed genuinely motivated to change the factors that led to his offending. He was assessed as a medium risk of further offending and causing harm to others.


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