‘Highest breach of trust’ in child’s sexual abuse

Court House-general1A father’s abuse of his daughter was “one of the highest breaches of trust one can imagine”, said a judge as he jailed the 58-year-old for five years three months.

He imposed name suppression to protect the victim who is now in her 20s, but was aged only seven or eight when she was abused.

Her victim impact statement was read in the Christchurch District Court by Crown prosecutor Aja Trinder.

The victim wrote of the impact of the sex offending which took place over a two month period, in Christchurch. She said she drank alcohol and went partying, and later smoked cannabis to make herself feel numb.

“This helped to suppress the memories of what he did to me,” she told the court, where her father was being sentenced after admitted charges of indecent assault, inducing her to do an indecent act, and sexual violation.

She described being “scared and shocked” when the abuse took place.

Defence counsel Paul Johnson said the man was ashamed and remorseful. The man had attempted to arrange a restorative justice-type meeting, but it had been declined.

Judge Callaghan said the offending had inflicted drastic harm on the victim. The man was at a loss to explain what had driven his sexual attention to his daughter.

“The breach of trust was one of the highest breaches that one can imagine,” he said, imposing the sentencing and expressing his hope that the man would continue treatment and counselling while in prison.



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