Bashing and violation alleged in home invasion

Court House-Sept-2013-07A pay-back plan by two men and their mother led to a frenzied bedroom attack on a naked man and the sexual violation of his partner, the Crown alleged as a two-week trial began in the Christchurch District Court.

The naked man was left with a large flap hanging from his cheek and a cut through the top of his ear after he was hit in the face with a glass jug.

The woman was taken to hospital with serious lacerations inside her vagina after the Crown says the mother, 48-year-old Sarah Janine Godkin, thrust her fingers inside during the violent incident.

Crown prosecutor Mark Zarifeh said the three accused – as well as two named women, and two or three men who have never been identified – raided the Wainoni house because Godkin said she had been assaulted when she was evicted from a party at the victims’ house the night before.

A Crown witness – the male victim of the later assault – would give evidence that Godkin had fallen off a decking before being chucked out on the footpath.

Mr Zarifeh said the three had a common intention and had been charged together with most of the offences.

The three accused, brothers Isaac Miles Milner, 22, and Ethan Wikaira Milner, 21, and Godkin, all deny charges of aggravated burglary, and wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm. Godkin denies the charge of sexual violation. She is the only one who faces that charge.

For the defence, counsel for Isaac Milner, Tony Garrett, said the group of eight or nine people went to the house to confront the man who lived there about what had happened to Godkin the night before. “Then there was, you may think, a spontaneous but brief explosion of violence.”

The task facing the jury was to work out who did what, he said. They would have to consider an “unbelievable allegation” against the mother, but he urged the jury: “Don’t visit it on the two boys.”

Everybody involved in the incident the night before had been “absolutely trollied”. He urged the jury to consider the photographs they would be shown as part of the evidence. “You may conclude, through common sense, that she (Godkin) did not get these injuries falling down a set of steps.”

The judge has suppressed the names of the victims.

Mr Zarifeh said the group had been drinking at a bar the night before and then returned to the couple’s house in a courtesy van, to continue. There was some ill-feeling at the house because of the rowdiness.

The male victim would tell of deciding that Godkin should leave the party because she was drunk and aggressive, and evicting her by chucking her out on the footpath. Before that, she had fallen off a decking, and she was found outside the house with facial injuries. Police and ambulance arrived, but she refused to make a complaint or get medical attention.

The next day, the two brothers were in contact by telephone and text and “hatched a plan” to deal to “the man who had beaten up their mother”, Mr Zarifeh said.

They went to the house with a group, getting in through an unlocked back door, and kicking a locked bedroom door open. The two victims had been naked in bed, but the man managed to call 111 when he heard the group inside the house yelling abuse. The call would be played to the trial.

First into the bedroom was Ethan Milner who wielded a glass blender jug taken from the kitchen. It smashed when he struck the man on the head with it, while Isaac Milner struck him on the head with a metal bike rack also taken from the house. A plastic surgeon would give evidence about his injuries.

The Crown alleged that Godkin went up to the naked woman victim. She was angry and screaming and forced her fingers into the woman’s vagina, causing a serious laceration with considerable bleeding.

The attackers then ran from the scene after what the Crown described as “a frenzied incident”.

Spoken to by the police, Godkin admitted being in the bedroom but denied the violence. Her sons denied being involved in the assault.

Some of Isaac Milner’s clothing was taken for testing. It showed his DNA and a spatter of blood from the man who was attacked.

The trial before Judge Brian Callaghan and a jury is continuing.



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