Spate of car-break-ins admitted

Car-blue-O1Police are seeking $4200 reparations from a 22-year-old Bishopdale man who has admitted 37 charges including thefts from seven cars.

Ricky James Foster pleaded guilty to seven charges of theft and 30 charges of dishonestly using documents – stolen credit and bank cards.

Judge Stephen O’Driscoll remanded him on bail to October 29 for a pre-sentence report to assess his suitability for home detention and a restorative justice conference with the victims, if it is assessed as suitable. Police have handed in reparations claims totalling $4200.

Police detailed break-ins to cars in Parklands, Casebrook, St Albans, and Northcote. One victim lost a laptop computer worth $2500.

Foster has then made purchases using bank cards at petrol stations all over the city.

When police caught him, Foster admitted being present when each of the cars were broken into, and admitted using each of the stolen cards to buy cigarettes at petrol stations.

He said he did it “for the thrill of it”. He used the cards soon after they were taken to lessen the risk of the victims discovering their cars had been broken into and cancelling their cards.


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