Alleged drugs driver refused bail again

Court House-07A man alleged to have transported a woman drugs mule in a police chase incident on November 24, has been denied bail again in the Christchurch District Court yesterday.

Graham Theo Payne, 55, had pleaded not guilty to wounding a police officer with intent to avoid arrest, five charges of recklessly causing injuries in the crashes he was said to be involved in, and failing to stop for police.

Payne allegedly picked up Kylie Natasha Puna, 27, from the Christchurch Airport, and then failed to stop for a police vehicle using its lights and siren. Police claim the policeman was injured when Payne’s car crashed through a police road block, which also injured two passengers in the car.

Police say Payne then crashed into another vehicle on Yaldhurst Road badly injuring three elderly people.

Judge Stephen O’Driscoll refused bail, and remanded Payne in custody to a pre-trial callover on October 2.

Payne had been refused bail on December 8, refused again in an appeal to the High Court, and refused electronically monitored bail before today’s appearance.

Puna, of Onehunga, has pleaded guilty to a charge of possessing $18,200 of methamphetamine for supply. She hid the drugs internally on a flight from Auckland.

She pleaded guilty in Christchurch and the case was then transferred to Auckland where she is currently in a residential rehabilitation facility awaiting sentencing.

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