Woman admits two dairy robberies

Court House-general 3A 20-year-old woman has admitted the armed robbery of two dairies in Christchurch, where two men were left with injuries.

Claudia Jade Francis Martin armed with a metal crow bar, and an alleged co-offender, 21, armed with a replica pistol, entered the Hoon Hay Dairy on August 31.

They demanded cigarettes and money, and some cigarettes were put into a duffel bag. One victim attempted to take the crow bar from Martin but was hit across the right side of his head. He ran from the store and told a customer entering the store that he was being robbed.

The customer challenged the two, and tried to grab the bag containing the cigarettes and tobacco. While a fight took place both inside and in the front of the store, the customer allegedly was struck several times on his head with the magazine end of the pistol.

The shopkeeper pulled the bag from Martin’s hand as the pair ran off.

They were then driven to the Selwyn Street Dairy where they took cigarettes and money.

The alleged co-offender has been remanded in custody to October 1, without plea.

Today Judge Garry Barkle remanded Martin in custody for sentencing on November 5.

A 20-year-old Parklands woman, Larissa Rose Stevens, who police allege drove the car for the two robberies, pleaded not guilty to two aggravated robbery charges and was remanded by a registrar to a case review hearing on November 30. She remains on bail.


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