Crash victim run over during street race

Court House-doorwayA 20-year-old has admitted driving off after running over a passenger thrown from a rival car that crashed during a street race.

Christchurch District Court Judge John Strettell remanded the driver, William James Le Grys, on bail to October 19 for a restorative justice meeting to be considered. A sentencing date may then be set.

Le Grys pleaded guilty to charges of inciting a street race in which someone was injured, and failing to stop and ascertain injury after the crash on Russley Road, about 8.30pm on July 2.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Mark Berryman said Le Grys had admitted encouraging the other car to race and said he had left the crash scene because he panicked thinking he had just killed someone.

Police said Le Grys caught up to another car in which two brothers were travelling, at a time when there was no other traffic on the four-lane road which has a raised median strip and barrier.

Le Grys began tailgating and weaving from side to side, enticing the other driver to race. The other driver obliged.

Le Grys reached speeds of more than 150km an hour. He caught up to other traffic and began to weave between vehicles, changing lanes constantly to pass.

The driver of the other car then lost control and it went into a tail spin, colliding with a concrete culvert.

The passenger was thrown out of the car and Le Grys, who was travelling close behind, could not stop and drove over him.

Police said Le Grys knew he had driven over the victim but did not stop and render assistance. He drove off without checking if he had injured the victim.

The victim suffered an unstable fractured pelvis, a fractured left collar bone, and punctured lungs. He was in hospital for several days.

Police said Le Grys was very remorseful.

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