Drug rehab term for car offences

Car-red-rearA 24-year-old with a history of offending was sentenced to home detention at Odyssey House to address his drug addiction issues.

Travis James Baillie, was sentenced on two charges of dishonestly taking a car, failing to stop for police, theft of registration plates, possession of a knife, and two thefts of petrol.

The police summary said on September 25, 2014, Baillie took a car from Sockburn, sprayed the wheels black and attached his own registration plates to it.

The next day he was pursued by police when he had been seen speeding, swerving violently from left to right over the raised centre median of the motorway, before crashing into the opposite lane of the motorway overbridge.

Early October, 2015, he cut a wire fence and took a $16,000 Mercedes Benz which had recently arrived in the country, and had no registration plates.

Later in October Baillie took the registration plates from another Mercedes Benz at Christchurch European car yard in Moorhouse Avenue.

On October 22 he stole petrol worth $60 from Z Energy Belfast, and next day stole over $123 of petrol from Z Energy Shirley.

On October 24 it is alleged he was in a car with a woman who evaded police, and they both ran from the car. Baillie was found on the roof of a nearby building, and police found a 20cm chef’s knife between the driver’s seat and centre console.

Last week, Judge Jane McMeeken said Baillie had a lengthy history of offending and had had an addiction to methamphetamine for five years, before she delayed the sentencing.

Yesterday in the Christchurch District Court, defence counsel Kiran Paima said Odyssey House had arranged a bed for Baillie, where he could serve his home detention sentence and undergo rehabilitation.

Judge Jane Farish said Baillie was a high risk of further drug abuse and offending, and sentenced him to eight months’ home detention at Odyssey House, and judicial monitoring, where she will receive reports on his progress.

She disqualified him from driving for 12 months.

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