Driver admits causing carnage

Car-blue-O1A Sumner man has admitted causing carnage in a driving rampage across Christchurch’s eastern suburbs.

A Christchurch District Court judge has ordered a reparation report ahead of the sentencing of Richard Allan Clark in February, for the damage he caused to cars, a motorcycle, and a van he crashed into.

Clark today admitted three charges of reckless driving which replaced three charges of assaulting people by using his car as a weapon.

Clark, 47, also pleaded guilty to two remaining charges of assault with his car, wilful damage, and driving with excess breath-alcohol.

The police said that on November 1 Clark was driving on Dyers Road Christchurch when he overtook a motorcycle at excessive speed. He then tailgated a car, and when the motorcyclist stopped beside him they had an argument.

Clark dropped back behind the man on the motorbike and rammed his rear tyre four times, until it burst and he pulled to the side of the road.

Clark then drove at the victim while he was sitting on the bike, but he managed to get clear before Clark collided with the motorcycle. He rammed the bike twice more then got out of his car and started to advance on the victim. The victim had bruising from one of the collisions with the bike.

The man he had tailgated got out of his car and tried to calm Clark down, but Clark got back in his car and drove it at him, hitting him with a wing mirror and causing minor bruising.

Clark continued to drive towards Redcliffs, and rammed another two cars. One of the drivers pulled up near Clark’s car in Sumner but Clark pulled out and side-swiped him causing him to collide with a parked car.

Clark also went off the road and collided with a van. He caused damage to all vehicles involved.

Clark was found by police walking along Wakefield Avenue, and given an evidential breath test with a positive result of 886 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath.

Defence counsel Trudi Aitken said Clark had been taking prescription medication at the time, and requested the court grant an electronically monitored bail application pending sentence.

She said he owned and operated his own painting business which he was trying to keep afloat.

Judge David Saunders remanded Clark in custody until an official consent from the owners of the address for bail could be obtained.

Clark will be sentencing on February 19, and if the consent for bail is granted he will not be allowed to drive, or consume alcohol before then.

Judge Saunders requested a pre-sentence report and a reparation report be prepared for the sentencing.


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