Car window-washer case at court

Court House-general 3A 40-year-old Redwood man has been charged with unlawfully washing windows at a busy Christchurch intersection.

Gary Lee Cooper, a labourer, was charged with breaching the new Christchurch by-law at the corner of Northcote Road and Main North Road on August 18.

His case was listed for hearing in the Justices of the Peace session dealing mainly with traffic prosecutions at the Christchurch District Court yesterday.

However, Cooper did not appear at court. Because he is only faced with a fine if he is convicted, no arrest warrant was issued. Instead, the case was remanded for a formal proof hearing on January 12 when the police will present their case whether he is present or not.

Cooper is charged with “providing window washing services to stationary motorists in return for payment without written authority of the Christchurch City Council”.

The maximum fine under the city council bylaw is $20,000. It came into force in Christchurch in July, when police began issuing warnings to window washers for about a month.

Cooper’s case will be one of the first prosecutions to reach court.


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