Suppression lifts on murder accused

Court House-07Name suppression lifted late morning on Peter John Carroll, the man accused of the murder of Marcus Luke Tucker, who body was found near Lake Ellesmere on Anzac Day.

The order had been granted for little more than an hour for defence counsel Kiran Paima to file papers for a High Court appeal against the judge’s refusal to grant suppression today.

Judge Stephen O’Driscoll had refused suppression at 51-year-old Carroll’s first appearance, because he said no grounds for the order had been presented to the court.

One hour was allowed for the appeal that Mr Paima had signalled, but when the deadline passed no papers had been filed and the judge ruled that the suppression had lapsed.

Carroll, of Bishopdale, was remanded in custody without plea on the charge of murdering Marcus Luke Tucker, whose beaten and burnt body was found near Doyleston.

The charge alleges Tucker was murdered the previous day, at Christchurch.

Judge O’Driscoll remanded Carroll in custody for an appearance in the High Court on May 20.

Name suppression was granted for a 31-year-old woman charged with conspiring with Carroll to assault Tucker, and assisting him to avoid arrest for murder by concealing evidence.

Judge O’Driscoll remanded her in custody to May 20 in the High Court, without plea.

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