Aggressors on both sides in violent incident, says judge

Court House-general1A judge accepted an incident in Waimate was caused by aggressors on both sides, but said the man he was sentencing went too far by driving his car at people.

After a brawl involving a large number of people, 27-year-old Daniel Leonard Vickers repeatedly drove at victims on the footpath in High Street, Waimate, on November 15.

Patrons of the Waimate Hotel had to jump over fences to escape his drunken rampage.

Vickers was sentenced in the Christchurch District Court on two charges of assault, reckless driving, driving while disqualified, and drink-driving.

Judge Tony Couch said he presided over Vickers’ trial in Timaru in April, and heard inconsistent accounts from the witnesses. He got the impression the brawl was not one-sided, but Vickers’ conduct went too far and could not be justified on the grounds of self-defence or defence of other people.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Grant Neal said Vickers had three previous convictions for assaults, and one for drunk-driving.

Judge Couch said Vickers was motivated to address his substance abuse issues, and sentenced him to 160 hours community work, intensive supervision for 15 months, and disqualified him from driving for 16 months.


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