Motorcyclist beaten and rammed in road rage attack

Court House-Sept-2013-06A man having an attack of road rage assaulted a motorbike rider, before backing his car into the rider, and knocking the bike over.

David Edward Hatcher, 43, caused $6300 damage to the bike, after he did not give the rider enough room to merge into his lane. He steered his car left, causing the victim to drive into the cones on the left side of the road.

Hatcher parked his car in the middle of the road, verbally abused the victim, then went to his car, picked up a bamboo table, and hit the victim with it about six times before breaking it.

He then returned to his car and told the victim he was going to run his scooter over.

The victim went behind the car to stop him, but he kept reversing and pushed the man into his scooter, causing him to fall over it and knock it down, before Hatcher drove off.

Hatcher was charged with assault with a blunt instrument, wilful damage, and operating a car carelessly.

In other offending Hatcher posted on Facebook asking people where a woman who worked in a hairdressing salon lived. The woman found out, and texted Hatcher to find out why he wanted to contact her. They texted together, but then he abused her, and threatened to kill her. He was charged with causing harm by posting digital communication.

On March 1, Hatcher was at the Christchurch Public Hospital where he was issued with a parking ticket for $65.

He phoned the Parking Enforcement Services Call Centre and threated to smash the parking attendant, and abused the call taker staff. In the next 20 minutes he made four more abusive and threatening calls to them. He was charged with offensive or disturbing use of a telephone.

At his sentencing in the Christchurch District Court Judge Bernadette Farnan said Hatcher’s behaviour was appalling, but now his medication had been sorted out for his ADHD he wanted to “stop the rubbish”.

She said Hatcher had expressed remorse, and the scooter owner had accepted his apology for his road rage.

She sentenced him to seven months’ home detention, with conditions that he be assessed for counselling, treatment, or programmes to address his offending.

She also ordered reparation of $6300 for the repairs to the bike, and 100 hours community work.

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