Icecream burglar caught inside home

Court House-Sept-2013-06BY NICOLA DOMS

A “Goldilocks” burglary involving icecream and vodka took a serious turn when a baby’s cystic fibrosis medication was poured down the sink.

Fran Patricia Sullings’ burglary of the young mother’s house in Bolton Avenue, Spreydon, took place on April 8.

The 54-year-old solo mother of three pleaded guilty and appeared before Judge Paul Kellar for sentence in the Christchurch District Court today.

Judge Kellar described her as “a regular burglar” since 1984.

Sullings piled up food from the pantry and kitchen cupboards before eating icecream and drinking vodka she had found in the house. She also poured a baby’s medication for cystic fibrosis down the sink.

After she went through wardrobes and bathrooms she was confronted by the victim as she returned home during the evening. Sullings threatening to “smash” her.

Sullings was assessed as a high risk reoffending, with a chaotic lifestyle underpinned by drugs. She had been dependent on drugs from an early age.

Judge Kellar jailed her for two years one month.


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