Two frenzied attacks with screwdriver admitted

New Brighton-101A 38-year-old Northcote man told police he had no memory of using a screwdriver to inflict 30 stab wounds on two men in an apparent jealousy attack.

Christopher Charles Mohi, a labourer, admitted two charges of injuring the men with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

Christchurch District Court Judge John Strettell remanded him in custody for sentencing on October 5, with a pre-sentence report that will assess his suitability for home detention.

Mohi had earlier admitted unlawfully taking a car belonging to one of the victims.

He pleaded guilty to the injuring charges after they were reduced from wounding, which carries a heavier penalty.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Dave Murray said Mohi arrived drunk at an address in New Brighton about 9.30pm on April 24.

He walked into the lounge where both men were and approached one of them as he sat on the couch, and accused him of having a relationship with his ex-partner.

He threw a screwdriver at the man, who asked what it was all about and handed the screwdriver back.

Mohi then used the screwdriver to stab him about 20 times in the head, neck, and body.

The other man calmed him down and escorted him from the address. He began driving him to his home in Northcote, in the first stabbing victim’s car.

Along Queen Elizabeth II Drive, Mohi struck the driver about 10 times in the left shoulder with the same screwdriver.

The driver deliberately crashed the car and ran off. A member of the public picked him up and drove him away but Mohi drove after them in the crashed vehicle.

Mohi turned off and abandoned the vehicle near St Bede’s College before changing his clothing at a relative’s house and leaving again. Police found him soon after.

Mohi told the police he could not recall what had happened.

Police said at the time that the first victim was admitted to Christchurch Hospital, but the second man was treated and discharged.

Defence counsel Tony Garrett suggested that a restorative justice meeting with the victims might be arranged during the remand for sentencing and Judge Strettell referred the case for this to be done.

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