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Northlands-sign-02“Next time, if you pay for your meat, you can eat it.” Judge John Brandts-Giesen provides some basic advice to a shoplifter prosecuted in the Christchurch District Court.

The man had admitted putting items under his jacket at the Pak’n’Save supermarket at Northlands, and trying to leave the store.

One of the items was a pack of meat, and when the shoplifter was caught it was found that the packaging was damaged and it had to be disposed of.

When he got to court, the man was given more supervision and ordered to pay $23.47 for the damaged meat.

He then asked – just out of curiosity, he said, from the dock – if since he was having to pay for the meat anyway, he could have it.

That seemed to be a good question, and the judge asked the police prosecutor about the meat.

The police explained that the meat had been thrown away because of the damage to the pack, and Judge Brandts-Giesen told the man: “Bad luck. The meat’s gone. Next time, if you pay for your meat, you can eat it.”

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