Teen admits armed robbery of Templeton dairy

Court House-doorwayA teenager has admitted the armed robbery of the Kirk Road dairy in Templeton on September 5.

Police said Bradley Gavin Moore, an 18-year-old concrete worker, and two associates walked past the dairy with the hoods of their jerseys up. As soon as a customer left the dairy they all went in wearing bandanas and balaclavas.

One offender allegedly pointed a pistol at the shop owner, and began punching him about the head. He dragged him to the cash register and demanded it be opened.

Moore opened the cigarettes cabinet and placed cigarettes and tobacco, and then notes out of the cash register, into a pillow case.

The victim was kneeling on the ground with the alleged pistol pressed up against his forehead, and was repeatedly punched in the head. He suffered bruising to his right ear and upper right arm.

In the Christchurch District Court Judge Jane Farish read Moore the first of the three strike warnings for violent offenders, and remanded him in custody to January 20.

Two other youths are being dealt with separately at the courts.

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