Police arrest two for burglary ‘in the hood’

Two people charged with the burglary of a restaurant across the road from the Sydenham Police Station have been remanded in custody at the Christchurch District Court.

Police say they were on the scene quickly after the restaurant’s alarm went off at 4am today, and two people were found nearby.

They were arrested and jointly charged with the burglary of Cortado’s restaurant, bar, and café in Somerfield Street, Beckenham.

Michelle Joy Tagestad, 36, of St Martins, appeared before Community Magistrate Leigh Langridge. She was remanded in custody without plea to appear by video-link from the prison on February 9.

She also entered no plea to a charge of driving while forbidden.

Graeme Richard Brand, a 31-year-old labourer of Parklands, appeared later in the the day at a case review session where he was already facing two charges of theft by petrol drive-offs. He pleaded guilty to those charges before Judge Gary MacAskill.

He faced fresh charges of burglary of Cortado’s, possession of a screwdriver for a burglary, and possession of cannabis. He entered no pleas on those charges and was remanded in custody to the same session as Tagestad for a video-link appearance.

Defence counsel Todd Nicholls said a bail application may be made at that stage.


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