Victims of office theft repaid by firm

Perpetual Guardian says none of its clients have been left out-of-pocket after thefts by a former client manager at its Christchurch branch.

Robert Thomas Clark, 44, was given a three-month home detention sentence on Friday after admitting a charge of theft by a person in a special relationship.

He had used unattended computers at the estate management firm’s office where he worked to make 39 transfers involving $66,634 to his own bank accounts, a finance company account, and a Telecom account in his own name.

Clark has already paid back $21,000 of the reparation, and was told by Judge Brian Callaghan to keep on paying the money back at $50 a week.

Perpetual told the court that Clark’s thefts had mainly involved the accounts of “elderly and vulnerable clients over a prolonged period”.

Perpetual Guardian has issued a press statement today saying that discovery of unapproved transations had prompted an internal investigation which resulted in Clark’s dismissal and the notification of the police.

The statement said: “Perpetual Guardian confirms that all funds were reimbursed back in full to any affected clients immediately, with interest, and that the reparation order is to

reimburse Perpetual Guardian. No client was financially disadvantaged as a result of

the former staff member’s offending.”

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