Suppression lapses on Head Hunters arrests

Name suppression has lapsed on members or associates of the Head Hunters gang who were charged with being members of an organised criminal group after police raids on gang premises in December.

A patchwork of interim suppression orders covered some members since their arrests after the raids on December 6. Some have been continued and some have lapsed.

At a case review hearing in the Christchurch District Court today, Judge Brian Callaghan checked with all the lawyers present and confirmed that no orders were being renewed and others had already lapsed.

The six men were all remanded to another District Court case review hearing on May 29. However, in the meantime, the High Court will decide whether it wants to take over the case itself, which would mean another case review date would be set.

The Crown is continuing to provide details of the case to the defence counsel as part of the disclosure process.

All the men have pleaded not guilty to the charges they face and it is to be heard as a jury trial.

The men are:

Lyndon Vaughan Richardson, 44, debt collector, of Bryndwr, who denies charges of participating in an organised criminal group, receiving stolen property, failure to answer bail, and failing to assist a detective carrying out a search.

Carrick John Broadley, 40, a contractor, of Parklands, is facing the criminal group charge, conspiring to deal in methamphetamine, dealing in methamphetamine, possession of cannabis and methamphetamine, unlawful possession of firearms, and failing to answer bail.

Darrin Stephen Baylis, 51, a mechanic, of Cashmere, is charged with the criminal group charge, possession of methamphetamine, and unlawful possession of a restricted weapon.

Benjamin Gabriel Kney, 42, of New Brighton, has denied the criminal group charge, cultivating cannabis, possession of cannabis, and driving charges.

Steven Charles Strickland, 47, of Mairehau, faces the criminal group charge, and several charges of conspiring to deal in methamphetamine.

Michael Gerard Kevin Murphy, 61, faces only the charge of participating in an organised criminal group.

The men are mainly on bail, but at least one remains in custody.

The raids by detectives and armed police on properties in Christchurch, co-ordinated by the police’s Canterbury Organised Crime Unit, ended a four-month investigation into the Head Hunters gang.

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